Involving your Girlfriend in Picking the Engagement Ring

Involving your Girlfriend in Picking the Engagement Ring

The rest prefer remaining unaware of the whole thing, up until the moment they get surprised with a beautiful ring, such as a 1 ct diamond solitaire ring.

Dealing with the Hands on Type

This kind of woman is not satisfied with being left out of the loop, and may even reject your ring out of spite. Let her in at the onset and maybe you will be lucky enough to have her do most of the work of choosing. This way, at least you know your hard-earned cash is getting her something she likes.

The Hinter

You will get subtle hints and nudges from this sort of person because she values your involvement just as much as her own. If things grow out of your control, she will switch to “Hands On” mode and bail you out.

TheSurprise Me’ Type

She will expressly tell you if she likes surprises. When she does, you will still need to remember that she has something in mind, such as a 1 ct princess cut diamond solitaire ring, which you will have to match. Best bet; get help from one of her friends or sisters.

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