Incredible Designs for Diamond Rings with Halos

Incredible Designs for Diamond Rings with Halos

Unsurprisingly, there are many beautiful designs for diamond rings with halos; some of those amazing diamond engagement ring designs are given below.

Classic Halo Diamond Ring

Here, a round brilliant cut diamond is surrounded by a halo of accent stones. Choose colorless accent diamonds if you give priority to the size of the center stone; else, go for colored diamonds or other gemstones in order to highlight the main gemstone.



Double Halo Diamond Ring

As the name indicates, two layers of accent stones are given around the center diamond in this design. This type of designs is ideal for every bride who prefers a sophisticated appeal for their diamond engagement ring.

Floral Halo Ring

In this design for diamond rings with halos, the main gemstone is surrounded by a layer of tiny diamonds secured using a bezel setting. Here, the metal settings are given in such a way that it replicates the outline of a flower petal.

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