Importance of Triple Stone Diamond Ring

The striking beauty and popularity of this ultimate setting never faded; the famous engagement ring Meghan Markle, fiancée of Prince Harry is enough to prove it.




Prince Harry gifted a triple stone diamond ring as an engagement gift to his beloved Meghan Markle. The ring featured a sparkling center diamond that was from Botswana, where the couple met for the first time. This huge gemstone is flanked with two other smaller accent diamonds on either side. These gemstones belong to the personal collection of his mother, late Princess Diana.

There are many other designs for this type of diamond engagement rings that is sure to sweep you off your feet. One of such design features a 22 yellow gold ring with a round brilliant cut diamond at the center. The main gemstone secured by a prong setting is bordered with two rubies on either side in order to highlight the center stone. To add to the overall bling factor, the diamond ring band is also paved with melee diamonds.

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