How to Spot the Best Quality Fake Diamond Rings

How to Spot the Best Quality Fake Diamond Rings

Even though most people love flaunting their diamond engagement rings, only a few people are aware of the characteristics of diamond rings. Hence, most people are more likely to get scammed with a replica diamond ring. In fact, there are many diamond ring stores, which sell fake diamonds in name of season sale and discounts. Sadly, most people fall prey to them.

Note that the best quality fake diamond rings are very hard to differentiate. Even a diamond ring expert will have to carry out a series of tests to spot fake diamond rings. However, there are some basic tests that you may perform while choosing your diamond ring. This will help you to detect fake rings up to an extent. Still, it is always better to rely on a professional to confirm the result since some authentic diamonds may respond positively to such tests.

One of the easiest tests to figure out even the best quality fake diamond rings is the fog test. Here, you will have to exhale a jet of air to your diamond and if it clears out instantly, you have a real diamond. In case it holds the vapor for a couple of minutes, you probably have a fake diamond.

You can ask for your salesperson to bring diamond loupe and inspect your gemstone through it. Original diamonds will have tiny inclusions or imperfections, whereas fake diamonds will be totally flawless.

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