How to Select the Right Diamond Solitaire Ring?

The diamond is the center of attraction of a solitaire diamonds engagement ring. Thus, the quality of the diamonds is of utmost important while selecting a solitaire diamond ring. The crucial thing would be to evaluate the cut, clarity, and color of the solitaire diamond.


Having a diamond with good cut and clarity can really determine the brilliance and appeal of the stone. It can make the diamond more visible on the solitaire setting. Besides, a diamond with accepted clarity levels can hide any inclusions or flaws making it look clear. Opting for a good clarity diamond provides you with a clear stone that you can set on a solitaire setting. The color is also important, as it can really highlight the single diamond of solitaire ring.

With that, the setting can also determine how well the stone remain protected in the solitaire ring. Prongs and bezel are obviously the common choices that offer good protection and sparkle to the diamond. Moreover, you can opt for a specific ring metal for the solitaire diamonds engagement ring such as platinum, yellow gold, or white gold for further increasing the appeal of the ring.

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