How to Pick a Diamond Engagement Ring?

Settings play a key role in engagement diamond ring as a gemstone is held in place or secured using the perfect setting. Besides, it also enhances the overall style and elegance of your diamond ring. Some of the common setting types are given below.



Here, a diamond is secured using narrow metal supports known as prongs. The common prong setting usually includes a four or six prongs. There are many variants to prong setting such as claw setting and cathedral setting.




In this type of setting, the gemstone is totally encased in a metal, and hence, it is regarded as one of the safest diamond ring setting. This is best suited for people with active lifestyle. However, the visible surface area of a bezel set diamond will be less, and so is the sparkle.

Halo diamond setting

In this type of design, the main gemstone is encircled with a halo of melee diamonds. This will boost up the overall size and the bling factor of your engagement diamond ring. Besides, this is one of the commonly used designs in vintage rings.

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