How to Make your Engagement Ring Look More Expensive?

Following are some things you can do to make 1 2 carat diamond rings look pricier to the eyes of a beholder.





Choose the Right Metal

Platinum is the last stop in precious metals, and white enough to look classic. However, it costs a lot too; so, if you are looking to save money, choose white gold to get that platinum look for a fraction of the cost.

Diamond Color

If you have fancy colored diamonds falling inside your budget, a little bit of yellow or pink can make the ring look more expensive. However, if you want to go in for a colorless look to match the white gold, try the G/H color grade to get a near colorless stone without breaking the bank.

Diamond Cut

This is one of the places, where you will need to spend a lot. Getting the best cut you can afford means the stone looks better all around, and so the ring looks more expensive. A bad cut grade, on the other hand, can make the diamond look dull, and the ring shabby.

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