How to Make the Centerpiece Diamond in a Ring Appear Larger

If you are looking for diamond rings that appear larger than its actual size, go for one featuring a princess cut diamond or other fancy shaped gemstones. When a princess cut diamond is placed next to a round cut diamond of equal carat weight, it is going to appear larger since its table size is bigger than the latter.

People who look for diamond rings often think that the bigger the diamond is, the better its value goes; yet you need to consider its clarity as well to make the most of the purchase. In fact, the larger the diamond in a ring is, the more likely one will see its birthmarks or inclusions. If the natural imperfections in the gemstone are noticeable, then that can distract and reduce its value, and that of the ring.

If you are purchasing an engagement ring featuring 1 carat diamond or more with SI2 clarity grade, you have to ensure it is “eye-clean.” That is because you will not able to see the birthmarks of the gem from the top down if it is eye-clean. This is to say that it has no visible birthmarks. Although they do exist in the SI2 diamond, inclusions can be seen through a 10x magnification glass or loupe.

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