How to Maintain a Clean Diamond Ring?

Cleaning a diamond ring alone is not enough to maintain its beauty. Below are some tips on how to maintain a clean diamond ring.



Professional Cleaning

Take your ring for professional cleaning at least once a year, if not more. This will make sure your ring is perfectly clean; you can also ask them to do the essential adjustments in order to secure the diamond setting well. You can even upgrade your diamond ring if you want.


Do not Touch your Diamonds Every Other Second

People often touch and play with their diamond rings. This is not a good practice even if your hands are clean, as the natural oils in your hands will fog the surface of the stone. Furthermore, there are more chances for grime and dirt build-up if you touch your diamond every now and then.

Take Care while Cleaning with Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are used to clean the diamond jewelry using sound waves anda vibrating solution. However, you must be cautious while cleaning your jewelry with this device, as there are chances for chipping or loosening of diamonds. To tackle this, avoid cleaning treated diamonds and diamonds with poor setting or small cracks using an ultrasonic sensor.

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