How to Grade a Heart Cut Diamond Ring

In a Heart Cut Diamonds the presence of highly précised virtual facets which are responsible for the enhanced brilliance and fire in these diamonds.




Here, the round brilliant diamond is cut with narrow proportions and is crafted to achieve a high degree of optical symmetry. Then the facets of the diamonds are angled and aligned so precisely that the reflection patterns of hearts and arrows are visible from the pavilion and crown, respectively, using appropriate reflector devices.

However, there are no universal standards used in order to grade these heart cut diamond rings. This fact made it crucial to know the distinct features of these diamond rings in order to purchase the perfect one. Some of the things that you must look for while choosing heart diamonds are listed below.

  • Every heart must be of equal size and uniform shape.
  • There must be a minimal splitting of clefts between the lobes of the hearts
  • Make sure that the lobes of the heart are squared off by the facets of the crown
  • Every heart must be separated from the chevron pointing at the cutlet.
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