How to Clean a Ring with Diamonds Using Household Detergents

You can clean your diamond rings from your home itself using diluted household cleaners. First, make sure that the cleaner you choose is free from ammonia and chlorine bleach. You can check the label of the cleaner to ensure this; it must be labeled non-caustic in order to clean your diamond ring. Otherwise, there are chances for the chemicals to corrode the metal of your ring. Below are some ideas on how to clean a ring with diamonds using these cleaners.

    • Mix an appropriate cleaner and water in a bowl in the proportion of 1:3. Now, put your ring in this solution and leave it either for several hours or overnight, depending on the frequency of your cleaning.
    • After several hours, take the ring out of the solution and clean it thoroughly with cold water. Make sure to wear a rubber glove for better grip and to protect your hands from chemicals.
  • Gently scrub the ring with a soft-bristled brush or a wet lint-free cloth. After this, either pat dry or blow dry your diamond ring as per your convenience.



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