How to Clean a Diamond Encrusted Wedding Ring

There may be many intricate designs incorporated into your wedding rings in order to tell the story of your love and to add to the overall appeal of the diamond. However, the lustrous shine and stunning look of rings tend to fade with time due to a build-up of dirt build up or contact with chemical agents while doing the household chores. This is unavoidable if you wear the ring every single day. This means creating a regular cleaning schedule for your diamond encrusted wedding ring.

Though taking the ring for professional cleaning is a good option, it is not practical to do this every single week. It is better to clean your diamond rings at home once every week and give it for professional cleaning two to three times a year. There are many ways you can clean your diamond encrusted wedding ring efficiently at home, and make it look like you had it professionally cleaned.

The best method that you use at home is to clean your ring, is using a solution of warm water and a mild liquid detergent. Take care to choose the cleaning agent that is appropriate for your gemstone as well as the metal, so as to not lower the lifespan of your ring. After cleaning the ring using the solution, rub the dirt off the using a soft bristled brush, and finally, rinse the ring using normal water.

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