How to Choose Simple Diamond Promise Rings

Below are some important factors that you must consider while choosing simple diamond promise rings.


The metal choice for simple diamond promise rings is the first thing that you must consider. You can either choose a trendy and fashionable style metal like rose gold, green gold, etc. or go all classic by choosing supreme metals like platinum or yellow gold. However, make sure that the metal suits her style and personality as well.

Settings for Promise Rings


Settings play an important role in promise diamond rings. Usually, people prefer a heart-shaped diamond or something that features a heart shape for their simple diamond promise rings. Note that trendy designs like solitaire setting, eternity band setting, etc., are also in vogue


The main thing that you must take care while choosing promise rings for her is that it must not resemble an engagement ring. Otherwise, she may think that you are proposing to her officially, and it may hurt her emotions if you clear the misunderstandings.

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