How to Buy a Diamond Ring That Can Turn Heads?

Below are some of the tips that you can follow in order to achieve that.

Include Side Stones

Adding stones on either side of your diamond is one of the best ways to achieve a great deal for your budget. The side stones not only enhance the overall sparkle of the ring, but also accentuate the center stone and make it look bigger.



Cut and Clarity

Cut and clarity are the major features of diamond that affect the sparkle and look of the gemstone. So while purchasing wedding diamond rings, consider either Excellent or Very Good cut grade. When it comes to clarity, choose the one with minimum inclusions that you cannot see with naked eyes.

Consider your Lifestyle

As you have to wear it like forever, you must consider the lifestyle while purchasing your ring. For instance, if you are a person who does hands-on jobs such as gardening, sports, etc., a bezel setting on a platinum metal will be better.

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