How to Buy a Diamond Ring at a Cost below $5000

It can be quite a daunting task to find a USD 5000 diamond ring, or one, which costs below that price point. However, with selective buying choices, you can achieve that with ease. Below is what to do.

Choose a Solitaire Ring

Oftentimes, the majority of an engagement ring’s budget goes into the centerpiece diamond, regardless of whether it is surrounded by accent diamonds or not. Still, if you choose a ring featuring this classic and timeless setting without side stones, you can shrink the budget even more.

Solitaire engagement rings can be found with metal prongs holding the single stone, milgrain detailing, an array of metal bands and more to create a unique look.

Select a Fancy Shape

If you want to enhance the diamond ring’s carat weight, opt for a fancy shape. The diamond with the same carat weight can look larger if it is pear cut or oval than the one featuring a round cut.

Embrace Accent Diamonds

If you fancy a large diamond’s look but are focused on enhancing any of the 4 C’s of the gem, selecting a more intricate design, such as a halo setting, is a good way to add more sparkle to the ring and make the center stone appear larger.

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