How to Be Sure of the Visible Perfection of a Diamond

Plenty of people ask this question, before, during, and even after a diamond ring purchase. Plenty of factors affect the answer, one of them being the visible perfection of the stone.


ASET technology lets you find out how well, or rather how efficiently, the stone can handle light. There is something called “Angular spectrum”, which is the range of ray angle which can set off the brightness of the stone’s facets. You need to know how to read this information properly and use it as a base for your purchase considerations.

Ideal Scope

Normal lighting fails to bring out the best in most stones, which is why it is wise to inspect light return properties under an Ideal Scope.

Hearts and Arrows

If you find a distinct hearts and arrows pattern, it means the stone is able to show off a profusion of virtual facets, which is good for the sparkle. This also indicates that the stone has been cut to exacting standards, placing it well above the average brilliant cut.

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