How to Accentuate an Aquamarine Engagement Ring?

If your sweetheart is born in the third month of the calendar, then consider buying an aquamarine ring for her like a talisman.

The combination of aquamarine and rose gold ring band is alluringly unique. Experts in the gems and jewelry segment say that it is sure to have a lasting appeal. The precious metal has a feminine look that provides a nice contrast to the blue-hued gem.

If you are intrigued by this unique color combination and want to accentuate your engagement ring, look for aquamarine rose gold ring with diamonds accents. When featured in a nature-inspired setting, your engagement ring could get a unique and feminine look. Think of a twisted vine rose gold band, which showcases a sparkling aquamarine and feature diamond bud accents that highlight the tender colors of pale blue and rose.

If you go for such kind of an engagement ring setting, then your diamond is sure to impress and will look great.

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