How Scratchproof is your Ring?

Buyers of diamond rings are generally concerned with a variety of options when it comes to the ring they want. However, many of them forget to pay attention to the practical implications of owning and wearing a diamond ring, one of them being the care that the item requires on a regular basis.

Diamonds can get scratched regardless of the fact that they are harder than anything else that exists in nature. When you set a stone higher than the ring’s band, for instance, it becomes exposed, and has a significantly higher probability of getting scratched. Daily activity is not what you should be concerned with though, as nothing is harder than a diamond. Chipping, though, is a possibility, but it can be avoided by keeping the girdle thickness above a certain lower limit.

Stones other than diamonds can get damaged much more easily, which is why people choose and prefer the latter so often. Choose a cut and setting that can’t snag on surfaces, or risk getting the stone loose. A raised band is a good option if you want the stone to look lowered.

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