How Do Diamonds Stay in Rings?

How Do Diamonds Stay in Rings?

There are different types of diamond ring settings or metal settings that do the task. Some of the common examples for the settings that hold the gemstones securely in a ring include prong setting, bezel setting, tension setting, pave setting, etc.



Prong Setting

In the prong setting, claw-like metal structures are employed to hold the gemstones in a ring. This is a great option if you want your gemstone to shine or if you want to draw the attention of people directly towards your center diamond. There are different types of prongs available such as beaded prongs, V-shaped prongs, standard prongs, etc.; you may choose an option that defines your personality and style.

Bezel Setting

When it comes to the bezel-set rings, the gemstones are secured by encasing it with a metal setting. Hence, this is ideal for all those couples who lead an active lifestyle. However, the shine of the gemstone will be less here when compared to the prong settings, since the diamond is covered from its side. Still, most men and working women prefer bezel-set rings for the security the setting offers.

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