Heart Shape Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

However, the heart cut shape is very vulnerable to breakage or chipping. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to choose a good setting that can secure the diamond firmly. Given below are some excellent choices for setting heart cut diamonds.

Three Prong Settings

In this setting, two prongs are on the curves of the stone, and one V-prong at the tip of the stone that holds the stone. You can opt for this setting if you want to keep most of the heart cut stone visible.

Five Prong Settings

If you are buying a very expensive heart shape diamond engagement ring, you can opt for this setting. Here, two prongs placed on the top curves, two prongs halfway down on either side, and the last one at the tip to secure the diamond.

Bezel Settings

Bezel setting is the best alternative to the prong settings. In this type, the band metal surrounds the stone completely along its edges, thereby enabling more protection than the first two settings.

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