Handling your Rings at the Beach

While it is great for the mind and body, a beach is simply not the place for a diamond sapphire infinity ring, so you will need to ensure the following things



  • Do not take the ring to the beach. Your fingers shrink when you are in the water, and the ring can slip off. No amount of looking can bring it back to you once it falls in, and a sob story will not please your spouse.
  • If you do, keep it away from the sand. Sand is abrasive enough to ruin plenty of metal types, especially on rhodium plated and gold bands. Do not let it seep in between the diamond and setting either, or you could lose one or more of your stones.
  • Remove it before applying sunscreen: Sunblock forms a film when it touches diamonds, dulling them considerably. To keep yours sparkling and bright, make sure you do not let any sunscreen come into contact with it.
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