Guidelines for Buying a Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

Like all other diamonds, the weight and shape is the one crucial thing to look for when making a purchase. You should try to get a heart shaped diamonds that weigh more than 0.5 carats as it makes the diamond and its features more visible. You can also showcase a heart-shaped diamond’s edges and curves by also using different ring settings such as a three prong or bezel.


Another factor such as the length to width ratio is vital for a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring. The ideal ratio would be 1 to 1.10, as it enhances the shape of the stone when placed on the ring setting. You should also look into the clarity of a heart-shaped diamond such as opting for an SI1 or SI2 (Slightly Included) variations.

It is also better that you opt for a near-colorless diamond when choosing a heart shape since it will best get highlighted in the setting. Moreover, it is important to carry out a detailed visual examination of the ring by a gemologist. This ensures that the diamond is free from bow tie effect and other flaws in its cut.

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