Getting the Best Savings for 1 Carat Diamond Rings

The clarity of the diamond determines whether it contains any flaws or not. There are different clarity scales for diamonds such as Flawless (FL to IF) and Included (I1 to I3).

If you are considering a quality diamond at moderate pricing, it is best that you opt for a clarity range of VS or Very Slightly. You can also choose from a 1-carat diamond in the scale of SI1, SI2, or SI3 for getting one within reasonable pricing. The carat is another factor that influences the pricing of the diamond. The sizes vary for a 1 carat diamond with different cuts such are larger for a 1-carat marquise or oval cut.

You can get the best savings by selecting an elongated diamond shape. In fact, the diamond shape can have an impact on the appearance of the diamond and is one thing to look for if you need an appealing ring. You can select a diamond shape that requires less cutting, such as princess cut, for getting the maximum savings on purchase.

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