Getting the Best Pear Cut Diamond for your Buck

Getting the Best Pear Cut Diamond for your Buck

The shape is what makes it unique, by blending marquise with round, and obviously arriving at the shape of the fruit. It resembles a water droplet in the way sparkle becomes more pronounced towards the bottom.


It is best to get the color H when buying a pear cut stone. If you end up choosing rose gold or yellow gold as the diamond ring metal, go in for something between K and J, effectively reducing the price.


A pear cut stone, in order to look good, should have clarity of either SI1 or SI2. The cut conceals inclusions pretty well, especially at the tip.


When choosing a pear cut stone, make sure that it has a depth that does not come above 66%, and that the grades of symmetry and polish are excellent. Additionally, ensure that the stone table is below 66%.


The length-to-weight ratio of a pear cut stone can be anywhere between 1.55 and 1.75, and it will look really good.

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