Getting a Better Diamond for your Money

Getting a Better Diamond for your Money

If you want to keep costs low, however, there are ways to do that when buying a 1 ct princess cut diamond solitaire ring.





Compromise on the Clarity

It takes 10x magnification to bring out inclusions in a stone of SI1 or even SI2 clarity. That means people will not notice these flaws when they look at the diamond, because it is eye-clean. If you are buying bigger than 1 carat, SI2 is not a good option, because larger diamonds reveal inclusions much more easily.

Get a Faint Brown Diamonds

Regardless of what the name implies, faint brown diamonds look close to colorless at first glance. Besides, people usually look for yellow instead, which makes a super light brown tint very easy to miss.


Fluorescent diamonds emit a colored glow under UV light. Medium or strong fluorescence can make a diamond look brighter than stated in the certificate, and if appearances matter, which they do, you should consider getting one of these stones.

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