Four Prong vs. Six Prong Diamond Rings

Unfortunately, most of them fail to realize the fact that the number of prongs in the setting of their preferred diamond ring is another important factor that needs to be considered before making a final buying decision.

The prongs in diamond rings serve the crucial function of protecting the center stone from accidental chips and other damages. These tiny units act like claws and hold the diamond in the ring in exact place in a simple and visually unobtrusive way. Four-prong and two-prong diamond ring settings are usually the most favored choice of customers.

Four-prong diamond ring setting puts more emphasis on the center stone of the ring, which in turn helps the wearer to instantly grab the attention of viewers. The ‘squish’ looks of four-prong diamond ring setting make them suitable for princess and cushion cut diamonds.

The six-prong diamond ring setting has been around us for more than 100 hundred years. Most of the six-prong diamond rings available in the market are highly durable and strong than four prong diamond rings.

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