Feather Inclusions in Diamonds

Feather Inclusions in Diamonds

You probably know what a feather diamond ring is. however, there is a diamond attribute called a feather inclusion. Chances are you haven’t heard of it before. Such an inclusion literally resembles a real feather.

Feathers in diamonds are usually off-white or translucent in appearance, but they can also be colored black, brown, or some other dark huge. For two major reasons, it is important to watch out for feather inclusions in a diamond you are planning to buy.

  • Is the feather visible at first glance? Is it interfering with the brilliance or appearance of the stone?
  • Does the feather inclusion risk the durability of the stone?


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Diamonds may be the hardest substance there is, but for the simple fact that they are in lattice shape, they can easily be chipped or cleaved. This works in a diamond cutter’s favor when he has to shape the stone he is working on, but significant force applied along a certain angle by an unsuspecting wearer can also damage a stone.

When buying a stone carrying a feather inclusion, know if it affects the appearance. As long as it is invisible to the naked eye, it will not jeopardize the beauty of the diamond.

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