Fascinating Facts about Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

Fascinating Facts about Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

The outline that makes this shape stand out is the pointed end on one side and the spherical head on the other. This gives the pear-shaped diamond ring an appearance similar to that of a teardrop.



The Best Shape to Flaunt

Regardless of whether it is fancy gemstones and colored diamonds or the rarest varieties, diamond cutters would unanimously agree over the fact that the pear-shaped diamonds are the best pick to flaunt these designs. Ideally, it is worn as a dangle earring or a pendant because of its unique appearance. It will undoubtedly adorn your fingers in the best possible way by bringing a slimming effect and overall beauty.

Affordable Rates

The best part about the pear-shaped diamonds is that they are affordable. Apart from being different from the rest of the diamonds, these are comparatively cheaper. So a 5-carat pear-shaped diamond ring will not only make you stand out among the crowd, but it will also be easy on your wallet.

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