Factors to Consider When Buying a Pearl Engagement Ring

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pearl Engagement Ring

White pearls are the most common in the market, but in case you want a more unique look, you can always choose a gold pearl or black pearl ring with diamonds.




At any rate, you should select pearls that compliment your skin color and tone, so that you can benefit from their highest iridescent qualities. While classy pearl rings come with a sparkling white shine, contemporary ring settings feature dramatic shades as well, such as silver, green, purple, and marine blue. If you can, also look at the luster of the gem; its surface has to be smooth, reflect light, and emanate a subtle charm.

Some people prefer medium-sized and round-shaped pearls for wedding rings. These are easier to wear on the finger. Large pearls are suited for single stone settings, but they do not usually allow intricate contemporary settings that feature other gems, not without looking bulky and inelegant. Modern rings can also feature several smaller pearls in refined settings.

Pearl rings come in vintage, antique, classic, Victorian, and contemporary settings. Probably the most popular choice is a pearl and diamond engagement ring, but depending on a specific setting, you can choose a timeless and unique ring.

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