Explaining 5 Types of Common Diamond Inclusions

Explaining 5 Types of Common Diamond Inclusions

Below is explaining a few common diamond inclusion types.




Crystals: A crystal inclusion denotes a mineral deposit within the diamond, found in different shapes and forms. This type of inclusion does not affect the durability of the stone but can affect its clarity.

Needles: A needle inclusion denotes a small, yet long crystal inside the diamond. These can be white or transparent when viewed under 10x magnification and can affect the clarity grading of the stone.

Pinpoints: A pinpoint inclusion denotes a tiny diamond crystal inclusion, which is only visible under magnification. They are usually translucent and look like a sparkling dust particle is trapped inside the diamond.

Clouds: A cloud inclusion denotes a cluster of pinpoint crystal inclusions. This type of diamond inclusion can affect the clarity ratings of the stone depending on its nature and location in the diamond.

Graining: A graining inclusion denotes milky or hazy lines in the diamond. These diamond inclusions are formed naturally in the stone due to irregular gem growth and sometimes appear like reflections within the diamond.

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