Engagement Ring with Baguette Diamonds

One thing that you may note in the diamond rings worn by celebrities, such as Mariah Carey, Mary Jane Olsen, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce, is that they choose minimalist design featuring baguette diamonds. In a simple ring with baguette diamonds, the baguettes are often chosen to surround stones of different shapes. In fact, using baguette diamond as side stones can enhance the overall look of the ring to a great extent.

The two main styles of ring with baguette diamonds are the tapered baguette diamond, where two sides of the stone taper inwards thereby creating a wide and narrow end, and the traditional straight baguette that has parallel sides and ends. Depending upon your choice, you can also have the baguette diamond placed either horizontally or vertically to the band.

Baguette diamonds create a sleek and sophisticated look when they are set in an engagement ring. Moreover, these diamonds look beautiful when paired with any diamond shapes such as round, pear, emerald, marquise, or cushion cut.

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