Disadvantages of Choosing Diamond Ring Alternatives

Disadvantages of Choosing Diamond Ring Alternatives

There is hardly anyone who does not dream of flaunting a beautiful diamond ring on her engagement day. However, most people will not be able to own a diamond ring that they desired for because of its high price. So, they normally go for diamond ring alternatives. The sad part is that such couples barely realize the disadvantages of choosing even the best diamond alternative engagement ring.

The Downsides to Buying Diamond Alternatives

Diamonds are naturally occurred gemstones and feature superior qualities such as an inimitable brilliance, hardness, durability, lasting appeal, etc. You can also insure your diamonds so that you will be covered in case of any unfortunate incidents such as losing your gemstones, misplacing it, or if someone steals it, and all. Besides, natural diamonds represent the love and commitment in your relationship.

In case you choose a diamond alternative such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, cubic zirconium, etc., you will have to compromise on many things. Firstly, you cannot expect these alternatives to have the same lustrous appeal for the rest of your life; most of the gemstones will lose their shine over time. Unlike diamonds, you cannot repair or clean your diamond ring alternatives regularly, and they are more prone to damages too. Furthermore, there is usually no resale value or insurance coverage for these options.

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