Different Types of Diamond Rings

Below are some of these factors.

Number of Gemstones

When it comes to categorizing different types of diamond rings, the most common classification is based on the number of gemstones used in it. Normally, there are three types of diamond rings: solitaire rings, pave set rings and rings with side stones. The first one is the most common option when it comes to diamond engagement rings.

Type of Settings

As the name indicates, diamond rings are categorized here based on the settings employed in the shine. Some of the common diamond ring settings include prong, bezel, tension, channel, bar, cathedral, and illusion setting. Out of these, the first three options are the most popular ones.

Shape of Gemstones

Based on the gemstone shapes, diamond rings are mainly categorized into five varieties: round, square, oval, rectangular, and triangular. Here, the oval shape variety also includes marquise cut diamond, heart-shaped diamond, pear cut diamond, etc., whereas Asscher cut, princess cut, and emerald cut falls into the rectangular shaped diamond ring category.

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