Different Methods of Cleaning Diamond Ring at Home

Below are various methods for cleaning different types of diamond rings at home.




Simple Soap Solution

This is one of the easiest and ideal solutions for cleaning almost all type of diamond ring. All you have to do is to mix warm water and mild soap in order to make this cleaner. However, this solution is not recommended for diamond rings with glued-in diamonds, as the moisture may soak into the glue and loosen the diamond.

Ammonia Solution

This cleaner is made using a solution of ammonia and cold water. Ammonia solution is ideal only for deep cleaning the rings that contain diamonds only. This cleaner is not recommended for other gemstones such as onyx, pearl, etc., as it can be chemically caustic. Furthermore, avoid cleaning platinum metal using this solution as ammonia may corrode the metal.


Household detergents can also be used for cleaning diamond rings. The only thing that you must take care is that the detergent you choose does not contain any harsh chemicals and that it is ideal for your gemstone as well as the metal. You can clean all types of diamond rings except the glued-in ones using detergent solutions.

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