Different Carat Options for a Halo Set Ring

Different Carat Options for a Halo Set Ring

Half Carat

A halo set stone of this size would be considered sweet at the very least. It looks more vintage than anything else does, and from the distance, the center ring would appear larger.




One Carat

This is very popular among modern brides, with an eye-catching quality that nevertheless keeps from getting too flashy, and is comfortable to wear on the ring finger. The center stone gets more definition, with the halo making it look bigger from afar.

Two Carat

At this size, the stone looks very bold, not to mention luxurious. Girls that love glam will surely consider this. The center stone provides a focal point, with the halo supporting its look. You can count on it to be flashy, which is one of the reasons for getting a large diamond in the first place.

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