Differences between a Princess and Round Diamond Ring

Another popular diamond engagement ring cut that almost every bride swears by is a princess cut diamond that features a square and elongated silhouette. There are many notable differences between a princess and round diamond ring, which you may need to consider when picking the perfect diamond ring cut for you.

Both the diamond engagement ring cuts flaunt 56 to 58 facets in order to offer maximum brilliance and fire to the gemstone. However, a princess cut diamond creates an illusion of a better sparkle because of its unique shape. Another major difference between a princess and round diamond ring is the size of the gemstone.

In case of surface area, a round brilliant cut diamond is 10% larger when compared to a princess cut diamond. However, when you take the diagonal size or measurement of both the gemstones, a princess cut diamond will win the battle; it is 1 mm wider than a round brilliant cut diamond of similar carat weight. Hence, you cannot literally say which type of diamond is bigger in size unless you try the sparkler personally, as the type of your finger also plays a major role in the overall look of the gemstone.

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