Why Choose Solitaire Settings for Diamond Rings

Prominent ring settings like the prong, bezel, and tension all fall under the solitaire setting. Diamond ring solitaire settings with their simple design can make the stone appear more visible and important in the ring.

The design considers only a single stone, the result of which it appears more highlighted in the entire ring. Solitaire setting diamond engagement rings costs lesser than other ring settings chiefly because they are much easier to make. The simple design gets rid of any excess costs involved in creating complicated shapes like in other ring settings. It can be a great choice for buyers who are on a budget and looking for a diamond ring with the right mix of appeal and affordability.

Certainly, diamond ring solitaire settings can clearly lead to more sparkle of the stone making it the centerpiece of attraction. Some of the solitaire settings like tension set rings have a futuristic design that makes them a worthwhile investment. Their simplicity also provides them with a sort of elegance not found in other ring settings. Besides, solitaire settings tend to match well and easily adapted to fit in diamonds of varying sizes and shapes.

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