Diamond Ring Safety and Upkeep Tips

Diamond Ring Safety and Upkeep Tips

There are many ways to ensure the proper upkeep of your engagement ring with a pink diamond.

Soak it

This can remove any oil, dirt and debris that has gotten stuck to the diamond ring over the course of daily use. Use warm water and a few drops of dish liquid for the solution, and scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush after soaking.


Keep it Away from Chemicals

If you are going to do some cleaning inside the house, take your ring off first. Any situation that brings it in direct contact with harsh chemicals should be avoided, for obvious reasons.

Do Not Go Swimming with the Ring on

Pools contain chlorine, which can damage the ring, although that is not the only reason you should remove it before going for a swim. Your fingers can shrivel up in cold water, getting the ring loose and causing it to fall off. You may be able to find it in a pool, but a river or the beach is another matter entirely.

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