Cuts of Diamonds for Engagement Rings to Swear by


There are many ways to achieve this, such as by choosing various types of diamond ring settings, diamond ring cuts, unique diamond ring bands, etc. Note that it is best to go with different cuts of diamonds for engagement rings, as the gemstone is the most important part of the ring. Unsurprisingly, there are many exceptional diamond ring cuts available to cater to that demand.

Round brilliant cut diamond is one of the preferred options as it features an unbelievable brilliance and fire. To achieve this exceptional sparkle, the cut boasts 58 facets that make it so iconic. No wonder, a round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular cuts of diamonds for engagement rings so far.

Another popular diamond ring cut that you may try is an emerald cut diamond that is unique with its glass table appeal. The gemstone features large step cuts and rectangular silhouette that made it an ideal choice for flaunting diamonds with good clarity. An emerald cut diamond engagement ring is a popular option amongst couple who seek luxury, elegance, and style in their sparkler.

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