Comparing a Bezel Cut Diamond Ring and a Prong Set Counterpart

In a bezel diamond setting, a vertical precious metal ring encircles the center stone being held securely in place. Although the encircling metal band can comprise of virtually any metal type being used in jewelry, bezel set diamond rings are typically mounted in white gold or platinum settings. Since the metal band holds the center stone along its corners, the diamond appears a lot bigger.

This particular type of setting is extremely popular, in particular for diamonds that are cut in a rectangular or round shape. The benefit of choosing a bezel cut diamond ring is that it is considered the safest mounting which diamond cutters could put the gemstone in. The bezel encircles the edge of a diamond and safeguards it from friction or hits that happen by accident. To prevent that, the bezel setting covers a bigger area of the diamond and protects the most vulnerable part of the gemstone.

As opposed to a prong or claw setting, a bezel setting does not have parts that protrude and may snag on clothes or hair. So, if you follow an active lifestyle, this low-profile setting is worth considering for your diamond ring. However, a bezel setting can reduce the brilliance of a diamond, as the metal band covers most of the surface, limiting light from entering the mounted center stone and bouncing out.

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