Comparing 14k Gold, 18k Gold, and Platinum

The most popular ones among those available in the market today are 14k gold, 18k gold, and platinum. Below is a comparison between the three.

14k Gold

Widely popular and highly durable, 14k Gold is much tougher than the ‘purer’ 18k Gold, and as a result, manages to secure your diamond more effectively. If you go with the white or yellow variants, the color you can achieve is nothing short of enviable, and wear becomes an unlikely issue.

18k Gold

Lots of people believe that 18k Gold should be the de facto metal setting for an engagement ring. Objectively though, it can sometimes be the worst choice you make, because this variety of gold isn’t nearly as touch as 14k gold, and can cause you to lose your diamond if the setting gets disturbed.


Platinum is strong enough to hold your mounted diamond in place through myriad forms of rough wear and has the distinctive quality of a beautiful white finish. There is the problem of it getting chipped after long wear, although you can fix that with a polish.

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