Choosing from a Round Brilliant and an Oval Cut Diamond

Choosing from a Round Brilliant and an Oval Cut Diamond

Round brilliant diamonds are considered timeless and will remain in popular fashion for years to come since they are somehow the industry standard. In fact, all other diamond shapes out there are measured against round brilliants.



Owing to the precise cutting style, round brilliant diamond’s shine is unmatched, so you can find a diamond ring that will dazzle always. The round shape is also the best at concealing inclusions and the tint of color in the stone because the brilliance will overshadow them. With all other things being equal, a round brilliant diamond will be pricier than its all counterparts.

While an oval diamond is also extremely elegant, it would be perfect for someone who is seeking a touch more uniqueness in terms of look. This shape is extremely versatile. A person with long fingers may need to consider it to complement them, whereas someone with short hands may need to consider this diamond shape to add the impression of length.


Since there are many different styles of cutting within oval diamonds, you have to look into several other factors too before choosing the ideal gemstone. Yet with more stretched out facets, the inclusions can be noticed more easily here.

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