Choosing Colored Diamonds over White

Choosing Colored Diamonds over White

This makes some stones understandably worth an arm and a leg. Why not get a colored diamond ring instead.





Inexpensive Colored Diamonds

These are a very good alternative to colorless or white diamonds. Though not as eye-catching, they come at a more attractive price. Fancy yellow, brown and grey diamonds happen to be a lot cheaper than the ordinary whites are.

Mid Level

In this pricing range, the cost can vary wildly depending on whether or not there is a secondary hue present in the stone. Pure oranges, for instance, come with incredibly heavy price tags. However, a secondary yellow or brown hue can bring this down by a lot.

Extremely Rare (and Extremely Expensive)

These diamonds are the rarest in existence, many of them auctioned off for millions. Any improving attribute can hike the price, such as stronger color intensity or bigger size. These colored diamonds definitely cost more than white diamonds. Tip: go small, and get something like an intense pink. A quarter carat of this will still beat a 1 carat colorless stone.

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