Celebs with Unique Non Diamond Engagement Rings

Celebs with Unique Non Diamond Engagement Rings

Most of the famous celebs in Hollywood used to wear large diamond engagement rings after getting married. However, over the last few years, some of them surprised us by settling for unique nondiamond engagement rings.


The engagement ring that Jerry O’Connell gifted to the famous Hollywood celebrity, Rebecca Romijn, was a stunning 6-carat yellow split shank ring. The delicately stacked pave stones in the ring add more beauty to her hands. However, Rebecca recently altered the ring and changed its setting.

Milla Jovovich, who has appeared in a number of action and science fiction films, is one of the all-time favorite Hollywood actresses. The three stone engagement ring with faint pink, white, and yellow diamond worn by the actress instantly caught the attention of viewers, as it was one of the best unique engagement rings ever.

Another famous celeb who owns a unique diamond engagement ring is the actress, singer, and fashion designer, Jessica Simpson. The 2-carat pear-shaped ruby engagement ring worn by Jessica was gifted to her by Eric Johnson at the time of their engagement.

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