Celebrities That Have Chosen Teardrop Diamond Ring

Celebrities That Have Chosen Teardrop Diamond Ring

A pear shaped diamond is one that combines the marquise and round diamond cuts. The diamonds of this shape have a tapered point at one end and resemble that of a teardrop; hence, they are also known as teardrop diamonds.

The pear shape offers the stone the brilliance of a round diamond, but with a more unique outline in comparison to what is arguably the most popular diamond cut choice. Based on the setting that frames it on the metal band, the pear shaped diamond can have a classic, vintage, or modern appeal.

In fact, many celebrities choose pear shaped diamond rings primarily for its uniqueness and settings that frame the gem and holds it securely in place. Katherine Heigl, for instance, has a stylish teardrop diamond engagement ring which was gifted to her by American singer Josh Kelley. Obviously, she is not the only celebrity to have fallen for the pear shaped diamond.

The list of celebrities to have flaunted pear shaped diamond rings includes popular names such as Victoria Beckham, Avril Lavigne, and Bethenny Frankel. Even the NBA star LeBron James chose a teardrop diamond engagement ring to propose to his longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson.

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