Some Benefits of Owning a Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

There are numerous such settings available for diamond rings and the cathedral setting is one such that stands out. It is similar to the prong setting with the center diamond held together by the claws with the exception that it is held in a more elevated position. The ring design contains arches that rise like in a typical cathedral to hold the stone in a raised manner.

Opting for cathedral diamond engagement rings has its own benefits like visibility. Since the diamond is held in a raised position, it makes the stone more visible and allows more light to enter giving rise to the added sparkle of the diamond. The diamond is held firmly in a cathedral diamonds ring and the arches protect the stone from any direct impact. Besides, the prong-like setting gives it a kind of elegance, which is difficult to find in other ring settings.

A cathedral setting is perfect for diamond featuring the princess cut or solitaire. The design of this setting can augment such diamond cuts that give further appeal to the overall ring. It can also go well with rings containing accent stones, as the particular design of the cathedral setting ensures that it gives equal importance to both the center and side stones.

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