Buying Astrological Substitutes of Diamonds

Buying Astrological Substitutes of Diamonds

People who believe this tradition seems to wear a ring of a diamond to let positive things happen to them. However, since diamonds are very costly, not everyone can afford to buy a huge diamond ring. For such people, there is a whole range of gemstones that can be used instead of diamonds as astrological substitutes. Still, you need to be aware of a few things when looking for such alternatives.

Buying Cubic Zirconia

Although popular as the best-simulated diamond you can buy today, Cubic Zirconia or the American Diamond cannot be considered as astrological substitutes for diamonds. This is because astrologers suggest that a gemstone should be of natural origin to have metaphysical powers. So if you were looking beyond just the looks, you need to avoid buying CZ.

Buying White Sapphire or Opal

Revered astrologers suggest ‘Opal’ or ‘White Sapphire’ as the best astrological substitute for diamonds. These are natural gemstones and are believed to emit positive energy just like diamonds. Besides, they are comparatively low-priced, making them ideal and accessible to the common people. Opal stones mined from Australia and White Sapphire gems from Sri Lanka are the best on the astrological front.

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