Buying a VVS Diamond Ring

One of your more financially shrewd friends recently proposed with a VVS diamond ring and explained to you afterward why this was a great option from the investment perspective. You did not catch most of it because you were more interested in how the proposal itself went, but then later, you remembered and started wanting to know more. Below is what he would have wanted you to know.

The Basics

VVS stands for Very Very Slightly Included. Stones of this grade do not carry inclusions (flaws) which the naked eye can see. There are two categories under VVS: VVS1 where the stone has inclusions nearer to the edge, and VVS2 where the inclusions are nearer to the center. The former are placed higher on the clarity scale because it is harder to see their flaws when the stone is viewed face up.

Why Choose VVS?

Only a diamond expert can spot the flaws present in a VVS stone. Everyone else would be entranced by the apparent absence of scratches and blemishes. The best thing is that it would cost significantly less than a truly flawless diamond, which is incredibly rare in every sense of the phrase.

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