Brilliant Options for 3 Stone Diamond Ring Settings

Brilliant Options for 3 Stone Diamond Ring Settings

A diamond ring that features three stones is in vogue these days because of its ultimate appeal. Unsurprisingly, there are some amazing 3 diamond ring settings that almost every bride swears by. Some of those diamond ring designs are given below.

Prong Setting

This is one of the most suitable options if you give priority to the sparkle of a ring. Here, claw-like structures known as prongs are used to secure a diamond in place. Since the most surface area of the diamond is visible in this setting, more amount of light will enter the gemstone. This will enhance the overall sparkle of the ring.

Bezel Setting

In this three stone diamond ring setting, the gemstones are encased in a metal setting in order to protect it to the best. Since the exposed surface area of the gemstone is minimal in this case, the sparkle of a ring will be comparatively low. In order to tackle this, you may go for a half bezel setting where the gemstones will be encased by a metal only up to the half.

Hammer Setting

This is one of the most unique diamond ring settings. Here, gemstones will be hammered into metal so that the gemstones sit flush with the metal surface. Usually, hammered diamond ring settings are used in men’s diamond rings as it offers a low profile appeal.

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