Best Setting Styles for Colored Gemstones

Best Setting Styles for Colored Gemstones

Three-Stone Ring

This is deeply symbolic, with a stone each representing today, tomorrow, and yesterday. Wearing a ring of this sort is s clear message that your love is everlasting. The style has been around for generations and dates back to the 17th Century. The Art Deco variant uses colored stones flanking a diamond on either side.

Halo Setting

In this setting, you have precious colored stones encircling a bigger center stone, which is usually a diamond. Diamond rings with halo settings are as popular as ever, because of the simple fact that they make the center stone look a lot bigger. Sometimes the setting is reversed, with the center stone colored and the halo stones as diamonds.

Bypass Ring

This style has the band overlapping, instead of forming a circle the way most bands do. It is unique and adds substantial color.

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